Ellis County Art Association artist Leah Lawless-Smith also designed the Hachie Hearts for Boze-Mitchell McKibbin Funeral Home and The Waxahachie Sun.

Lawless-Smith disclosed the heart for the funeral home was her favorite to paint since it had the most sentimental value as her mother passed away six years ago.

“Her favorite thing was roses, and the whole heart is covered in them,” Lawless-Smith said.

The heart is double-sided and features an emotions gage on one side, and the other includes all phases of life from birth to marriage and buying a new home. Lawless-Smith tried to implement an interactive aspect to both Hachie Hearts to influence visitors to engage the heart and photograph themselves with it. Lawless-Smith imagined individuals expressing how they are feeling the day they see the sculpture in downtown Waxahachie.

“It’s grief and memories that are so personal. Everybody has those certain moments that you remember that are special, and I tried to capture that and bring in a little of my own. It’s really taken a toll on me, I’d be upstairs crying because it’s meant so much,” Lawless-Smith expressed.

Chelsea McKibbin-Langford, Boze-Mitchell McKibbin chief operations officer, thought it was important to provide depth to the heart to make it look peeled with an exposed heart underneath. Lawless-Smith transformed that vision into roses to provide an authentic illustration. 

"I feel like when everybody looks at it, you'll see an image of representation. When you see into it you get your kind of interpretation," McKibbin-Langford said.

The funeral home's Hachie Heart will be placed in Singleton Plaza. 

When it came to the Hachie Heart for The Waxahachie Sun, Lawless-Smith incorporated hidden images that represent different individuals on staff.

When people come up to the Hachie Heart located at Waxahachie City Hall they can search for a green feather, the state of Tennessee, four children’s names, an elephant from the University of Alabama, and keys from a keyboard.

She went with the 70s, 60s theme for the design of the heart to include a fun, bright experience.

“It’s a hippy kind of funky vibe,” Lawless-Smith explained.

The heart is double sided with a sun-centered on one side and the other features a moon, both objects include a typewriter in them.

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