Former Maypearl Police Chief Boyd Norton invested time grooming Cliff Carr to take over the local force.

And it paid off.

Carr was sworn in as Maypearl’s new chief of police during the Maypearl City Council meeting on Jan. 14. Carr said he was with the department for four years before he was promoted to chief of police.

“I’ve kind of moved up in the ranks here,” Carr chuckled.

Carr was previously active duty in the military from 1991-1998 and was stationed in Germany. When he moved to Maypearl in 1998, he worked as a jailer for Tarrant, Dallas and Mansfield Counties before he became a patrol officer at the Maypearl Police Department in 2015.

“I’ve always wanted to be in law enforcement,” he expressed. “I wanted to help people. I just like the job that law enforcement has you do in helping people and keeping them safe.”

Carr stated that he was first promoted to sergeant in August 2017 and oversaw the reserve forces for the department. During that time, Norton started putting more responsibilities on Carr’s shoulders and allowed him to manage more of his work as the chief.

When Norton announced his departure from the position, Carr was at first hesitant for what that would mean for himself and the department. But after further consultation with Boyd, Carr resolved that he was ready to move on to bigger things and accepted the position as chief.

“When he decided to leave, he asked me ‘Do you think you’re ready?’” Carr recalled. “‘Because you’ve been doing it.’ I learned a lot from him. He’s always had my back.”

So far, Carr remarked that the community support toward him and his promotion had been nothing but positive. He thinks that since they’ve seen his face around the community so much for the past four years, they’ve been more comfortable with the transition in leadership.

“I’m a people person,” he stated. “I can talk to anybody. I get along very well with anybody. I have a lot of support from the city council, mayor, citizens. It feels good that they know I could do it.”

As far as Carr’s next priorities go, he said he’s looking for a new sergeant for the department effective immediately. He said he hopes he can help mold them into being a good peace officer for the Maypearl community, just like Norton enabled him.

“I have a lot of people who have my back,” he stated. “And I have there’s.”