Americase is bringing all of its affiliates under one roof this May.

Americase LLC is a Waxahachie-based production company that designs and manufactures commercial-duty carrying cases for a variety of purposes — including for space while packed aboard NASA shuttles. For the past few years, Americase LLC has operated out of multiple locations throughout the county, including Americase Fabrication and Construction in Ennis and Waxahachie, as well as Amerigrafix in Waxahachie.

But this May, all of those companies will share their company goals under one roof together.

“Our production floor is complete,” executive administrator Jonna Morgan stated. “It is completely moved from our old facility on Main Street.”

According to Morgan, Americase has moved into a 100,000-square-foot location located at 6200 North Interstate 35 East. Although the company began consolidating into their new location in December, Morgan said they’re still waiting for the second phase of offices to incorporate into the new facility in the spring.

In the past, Americase operated out of one location at 1610 East Main Street.

But in 2016, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users reported that their batteries were blowing up, causing a public health concern that was reported by The Daily Mail and The Washington Post.

During that time, Americase began to produce hazmat boxes to meet the needs of these phone returns. Morgan stated that the Americase CEO Robby Kinsala had to track down the owner of a vacant facility in Ennis to use it for expanded production.

“It literally happened overnight,” she stated. “We had to find a location to work out of because the building on Main Street was not large enough to produce the volume that Samsung needed in the recovery boxes.”

As a result, Americase expanded to two locations that totaled about 45,000-55,000 square feet. But the travel time between both of the sites became a hassle and an inconvenience for employees going from one plant to the other.

“Commuting from Waxahachie to Ennis is a 20-minute trip one-way,” she said. “We had outgrown both of those locations and needed a larger facility to continue to grow and make all of these products that we produce on a daily basis. When this building was found, the decision was made to combine the two locations under one roof.”

Morgan said that over 100 employees would be employed under their new location, with the rest of their employees moving in later this spring. The production line already has several of Americase’s tools and equipment from its previous location, including a fiber laser, press brakes, and multiple welding and saw-cutting tables.

Morgan said the company is excited for their consolidation and what it means for the future of the Americase family.

“We’ll have all of our Americase team under one family,” she remarked.

To learn more about Americase, go online at www.americase.com.