After a public survey and an open forum was hosted to gain feedback on qualities the next superintendent should obtain from the community, the data was compiled and delivered to the Waxahachie ISD Board of Trustees on Monday.

The February workshop began with a report from Robert Alfaro, a consultant for Ray & Associates that is conducting the superintendent search.

A total of 582 responses were provided by WISD teachers, administrators, support staff, students, non-parent community members, parents and trustees. Common qualities and characteristics were analyzed and concluded the top 10 out of 33 recommendations for the next superintendent.

Data gathered showed the primary recommendation in a superintendent is an individual who possesses excellent people skills, presents a positive image of the district, as well as a person who will listen to input and make a decision when necessary.

“They wanted to see the board working very closely to the superintendent and setting very clear goals and measurable objectives," Alfaro elaborated. "They wanted someone who could guide and lead.”

The second attribute was to possess the leadership skills required to respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by an ethnically and culturally diverse community.

Trustee Dr. Joe Langley noted the feedback also showed the public was interested in a sitting superintendent with experience in a larger district.

A flyer for the superintendent position was also drafted and presented to the board. The promotional product includes the 10 recommendations and information about the culture of WISD.

A schedule provided by Ray & Associates showed interview questions will be finalized around April 11 and the top eight to 12 candidates will be presented to the board. The search firm will assist the board in the selection of finalists for interviews. On April 15, the first round of interviews will take place, and the second round should occur on April 22.


Jacob Perry, WISD Director of Facilities and Operations, provided an update about the leaking roofs at Felty and Clift Elementary schools and Howard Junior High. Predecessors requested Perry to handle the repair issue, and after an inspector analyzed the rooftops, it turns out to be a “warranty issue." He noted the repairs would be started by spring.

“Looks like we have a lot of roof repairs,” Perry noted. “It’s horrendous.”

Perry said the reports of leaks never went straight to the manufacturer and the district has taken positive steps toward repairing the constant issue. He said the problems are worst at Clift, then Howard and followed by Felty.


Lee Auvenshine, WISD Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources and Legal Services, provided images of outstanding warranty claims provided to Gallegar — the construction manager-agent — of condensation damage primarily in the Career and Technical Education reception area and the backstage in the fly area of the Performing Arts Center. He showed images of mold and rust and explained right now the question is if this is an issue of workmanship or design.

“I think a lot of this has to do with a lack of air movement in those areas," said Mikel Craig, WISD Support Services Coordinator. "I think if we get this cleaned up, sealed and re-painted with additional air movement, we can control this and it will be just fine.”

Craig clarified there is currently no health concern.


Doug Pate with Nay Company presented a financial update on the agriscience facility that will be constructed on the WHS property. He reported the good manufacturing price is $5,331,365 for a total of 42,763-square footage that is valued at $124.67 per square foot.

Trustee John Rodgers noted in a Facebook post the final price was over the recommended budget, but allowances provide some flexibility.

A $95,000 sum is set aside based on allowances. Of that, $50,000 is categorized for when issues arise, $25,000 is set aside for miscellaneous metals, $10,000 is selected for soil injections and temporary power to construct the building, and another $10,000 is dedicated to signage.

A committee was created to make final decisions for the facility. The committee consists of board president Dusty Autrey, board vice president Clay Schoolfield, WHS FFA advisors, a representative from Nay and Corrigan, Craig and will be headed by Ryan Khalden, WISD Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance.

Following the workshop, the board convened into its regular monthly meeting.

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