Lane Grayson ran for public office on the promise to reconnect his precinct with the commissioner's office. The Ellis County Pct. 2 commissioner continued to hold up his end of that commitment Wednesday with a pair of town halls.

Grayson, who is currently serving his second term as county commissioner, held the two town hall meetings Wednesday on the campus of Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie and the Ennis Chamber of Commerce. Grayson said he makes it a point to hold the two town halls at two different locations because the needs of his constituents differ from city to city.

"Waxahachie wants to talk about the budget, security, direction and growth,” Grayson remarked. “When I come to Waxahachie, nobody really cares about the roadways. But when I go to Ennis, that’s all they want to talk about.”

As commissioner, Grayson is responsible for maintaining road improvements in Precinct 2 of Ellis County. He showed an image of one road in Ennis which was formerly a chip-seal road now having a fresh coat of asphalt over it.

“My job is to make that a view each and every day,” Grayson remarked. “That’s a tough job to do.”

Grayson stated that when he first took office in Jan. 2015, he knew he had a tremendous job ahead of himself. Many of the roads in Ennis were less than stellar in driveability, with many potholes that needed to be filled.

“The first three years I was in office, it was real easy to pick which roads we needed to work on – all of them,” Grayson said. “That was pretty much the answer.”

Grayson stated that Precinct 2 had made significant progress since then on its roadwork, not just with rehabilitation, but also with its stabilization.

“This year, not only were we able to stabilize five miles – we put two miles of laid-out asphalt, just like the state can do. That’s unheard of in county business.”

Grayson remarked his precinct has completed an estimated 25-30 miles of roadwork each year he’s been in office. By the end of 2019, he estimated they would have completed over 100 miles of road rehabilitation.

“Our staff has done a tremendous job,” Grayson expressed. “This was the first year where we had to go ‘Now let’s see, do we really want to do this one because it isn’t quite as good as this one?’ We really thought about it. It took us four years to get there, but we have made that many road improvements.”

Grayson stated he couldn’t have been more proud of the people he works with every day, and he can’t wait to see what they accomplish together in 2019.

“It’s not about cleaning roads,” he stated. “It’s about changing the county.”