McCoy’s Building Supply opened its Midlothian doors during a midweek grand opening.

The 92-year-old building supply store opened its 88 location and first in Midlothian Thursday morning to about 100 people milling in and out of its retail store located at 4070 East Highway 287.

“We're a family business," CEO Brian McCoy said. "We are so excited to be here in Midlothian."

The family-owned business goes back four generations of McCoy's, including Brian McCoy's two children Meagan and Reid.

The company first opened in 1927 in Texas and has expanded since.

The retailer has stores in five states including Arkansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. McCoy’s president Meagan McCoy said the business strives to open one store a year which means picking the location is the hardest part.

McCoy’s Building Supply offers a traditional lumber yard in the back where employees load the lumber. Inside is a retail store that offers anything for a home project including paint supplies, plumbing repairs and even pet supplies.

Brian McCoy said he is proud of the work done to open the Midlothian location and is lucky to work alongside his family to continue growing the company.

"I am so proud of our team," he added. "I am the proudest CEO in our industry."

Midlothian has been a welcoming community, Meagan McCoy noted during the ceremony. She said she looks forward to offering locals help in whatever need they have.

"It's a tremendous market, one we felt was underserved," she said about the Midlothian area.

Midlothian Mayor Bill Houston said he wanted something like McCoy's for a long time now, and he is thankful the McCoys decided to invest in the city.

"It came out awesome,” he said about the store. “I am so thrilled with this store."

Store manager Dan Buller is in his 40 years working for McCoy’s and thinks the Midlothian location was a great addition.

"This is a special place, and we really feel privileged to be here," he said.

Because Buller will be in charge of the new location, he welcomed patrons to the store with an untraditional ribbon cutting. Instead of a ribbon, Buller sawed a green and yellow piece of lumber in half during the grand opening ceremony.

The latest McCoy’s Building Supply store was open for business.


Samantha Douty, @SamanthaDouty