Eleven girls ventured to Thailand in week five of “The Bachelor.” And, this episode does not end with its usual rose ceremony, yet a bachelorette still manages to go home.

Following unbecoming behaviors of two others, it's fairly likely a few more will leave at the beginning of week six.

Heather, who has never been kissed, earned the one-on-one date rose and tinkered on the thought of the first-time experience the whole time — but who wouldn't?

She and Colton explored the floating city. They blew kisses at the monkeys, and she fed Colton some jumbo shrimp and watched him lick his fingers. And he returned the romantic moment with some noodles. The two were also shot sharing an ice cream cone. Colton’s lips were definitely on Heather’s mind, and the viewers wondered so anxiously if she would receive her first kiss — ever.

The two lovebirds sat on a dock to gaze at the sunset behind some huge rocks. Colton broke the ice about the potential first kiss and asked about her previous relationships. Later during dinner, Colton gives Heather a rose and go on a romantic walk on the beach. Along the path, they are greeted by a small bonfire and out of nowhere fireworks boom in the sky. Colton took advantage of the moment — he probably planned — and kissed Heather. Colton referenced the moment as “magical.”

Meanwhile, at the house, the group date card arrived, and everyone is listed beside Cassie, which means the fan favorite gets the other one-on-one date.

When Heather arrived back at the house and detailed the day in Thailand and mentions the kiss. Elyse, the oldest bachelorette, can’t handle the conversation and walks out. Demi, the Red Oak local, noted that was unlike Elyse’s behavior to leave abruptly. With curled hair and her “statement” dress on, Elyse makes her way to Colton’s place to say she will take the time and relationship it takes. Colton assured her he won’t give up on a relationship either. Then Elyse disclosed her exact thoughts and said she would not be able to accept his proposal after all this time he has spent with the other girls. Elyse broke up with Colton and left Thailand.

The group date theme is “will our love survive?” and the ladies and Colton enter the jungle of Thailand. After a short truck through the wilderness, a man named Joe who grew up in the jungle greets them. He shares the tricks of how to survive and the ladies were put to the test as they were divided into three teams to gather food and water.

Before they set off, Hannah B., who dubbed herself as Hannah Beast, swallowed a bug/worm thing whole to show off to Colton.

While in the trees, Taysha, 28, made Colton feel special as she snuck him away in the jungle for an intimate moment.

Later that evening on the group date, Onyeka, from Dallas, confided in Demi about dirt that Elyse told her before she left about Nicole, the genuine funny girl from Miami.

Onyeka took things further and told Colton that Nichole was only on the show to get out of her hometown. Onyeka shares this secret with the rest of the bachelorettes and Tayshea clears the air and said Onyeka misheard information.

Finally, Cassie, the fan favorite, gets some time alone with Colton. The two escape to a small, exclusive patch of sand in the middle of the ocean. The chemistry is obviously strong between Cassie and the bachelor. Colton’s “gut” is telling to keep on with this one. They spent an awful lot of time in bed kissing, cuddling and laughing.

As the show winded down, the drama between Nicole Oneyka continued. The two women bickered while resulted in a distraction to Colton while he spent time with Katie, the medical sale rep from Cali. Colton left from his one-on-one time to sit and listen in on the conversation. Colton can’t get two words in walks off to blow off some steam and does not return to the show, which ends with a disappointing “to be continued…”