Maypearl ISD will shuffle around the student body to include the new Maypearl Primary School in August.

The Maypearl ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved the facilities during a strategic planning session on Jan. 31, which included the establishment of the primary school.

The Maypearl Primary School will consist of pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade and will be located in the current Maypearl intermediate school building, located at 400 Panther Lane.

Maypearl ISD Superintendent Ritchie Bowling said plans are in place for several upgrades to the campus between March and August in preparation of opening day.

These renovations will include the installation of new carpet, fresh paint, new playground equipment and panel technology. It will allow students to expand opportunities with digital textbooks and other education methods.

“We will also need to purchase some furniture as needed,” Bowling elaborated. “The board approved a cover for the front of the existing cafeteria for students pick up and drop off times.”

The Maypearl Primary School principal position is currently posted, and the principal will be selected before April. Bowling noted the hiring of additional staff could be a possibility and will be evaluated over the next few months, but at this time is not expected.

The current fifth-grade students and staff, currently located at the intermediate campus, will move back to the Lorene Smith Kirkpatrick Elementary School. The elementary school will include grades second through fifth only starting in August.

The sixth-grade students and staff, currently located at the intermediate campus as well, will join the seventh and eighth-grade students at the Maypearl Middle School campus.

“These moves will allow the district room to grow over the next five to 10 years,” Bowling explained. “This is a proactive move given the growth or potential growth in the district.”

The arrangements will allow for up to five additional core classrooms from kindergarten to fifth grades before more space will be necessary. There are currently four core classrooms for each of these grade levels.

Bowling also noted this reorganization would allow the district to improve services at all levels and better utilize available facilities and staff. The facilities strategic plan has been posted on the district website for all the public to view since mid-January.

Bowling said the district is optimizing current facilities since the district is limited on bond capacity.

Maypearl ISD already provides a pre-kindergarten program and runs three sections with about 18 to 21 students in each timeframe throughout the day. At this point, Bowling did not think the primary school would be offered full-time due to funding.

Enrollment for the primary school will take place closer to summertime with a round-up event at the elementary campus.

As far as future plans for campuses, Bowling did mention the district would like to build a new high school, but that would be eight or more years down the road.

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