Senior residents might have a new 10-acre complex to call home next year if Brandon Bolin has anything to say about it.

Bolin is the founder and managing director for GroundFloor Development, an Austin-based company that specializes in affordable housing options throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Bolin stated that GroundFloor had developed five multi-family properties in various parts of Dallas, McKinney and Fort Worth since its founding in 2009.

But one development that is close to Bolin’s heart is the Arden Hill Seniors complex. Not only is it the first senior living center that GroundFloor will develop in his hometown of Waxahachie – but he also designed it specifically for his mother.

“She’s 68 years old,” Bolin remarked. “For years, she’s begged me to do a senior housing project right here in Waxahachie, so she could have somewhere to move one of these days.”

“I want to take care of mom,” Bolin expressed. “She’s having a hard time moving around, and it isn’t fun for her to keep up all the time – especially at this point in her life.”

With his mother in mind, Bolin presented the Arden Hill Seniors complex to the Waxahachie City Council during its meeting Monday evening for consideration of a housing credits application from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. According to the proposal, the 156-unit residential development would be constructed at 400 Alliance Boulevard and be comprised of 96 one-bedroom residences and 60 two-bedroom residences.

The one-bedroom units would be 751 square feet, while the two-bedroom units would be 950 square feet. Rent would range from $434 to $1,100, depending on the renter’s income.

Bolin stated that Waxahachie’s population is preparing to more than double over the next several years, and many of those new residents are not going to be 20 or 30 years old. Many of them, he said, are going to be older residents looking for a place to call home.

Bolin wants to provide that home for them with the Arden Hill Seniors complex.

“It’s for people being able to have a place they’re proud of – that they take pride in, that feels like a community for them,” Bolin remarked. “A place that their kids feel comfortable and confident that mom and dad are in a really good place that they like.”

Complex amenities would include a community center, a swimming pool, a fitness center, BBQ picnic areas and theatre rooms. Individual rooms units would consist of their kitchens and appliances, individual heating, ventilation and air conditioning and laundry connections.

Bolin stated that the project was initially supposed to include 170 residential units instead of 156. The reason why they reduced the number of residential units is that the developers are considering including 38 townhome cottages for phase two of the development.

But Bolin’s first concern is getting phase one off of the ground.

“We want this to be one of the premier senior facilities in all of Ellis County,” Bolin expressed. “I wouldn’t take the project on if I didn’t set that as my intention.”

City manager Michael Scott voiced support over the development, saying that he’s received two letters of support for the development’s approval.

“This is my hometown,” Bolin expressed. “I want people coming up to my mom on Sunday saying ‘Hey, we really like that new senior facility out there off of the freeway.’ That’s important to me.”

“It‘s not just business,” he expressed. “It’s personal.”

The Waxahachie City Council unanimously approved the application to Bolin’s satisfaction. Bolin estimated that construction could begin in early 2020.