To the Editor,

What is a principal? If you google it (or look in the dictionary for those of us that are older than google) it is simply defined as a person who has controlling authority or is in a leading position. While that is a fair definition it does not begin to accurately define what a principal is when it comes to the education field. A principal cannot simply be a person in charge that tells others what their jobs are. A principal cannot sit back and take meetings without getting out into the school’s population and truly leading by example.

I have dealt with many different principals throughout my life. During my years in WISD schools I had Mr. Houser at Wilemon, Mrs. Coleman at Turner, Mr. McLemore at the Jr. High (now Finley), and Mr. Aune at WHS. That doesn’t begin to include the ones I had when I lived in East Texas for a while, and the many that I have known and dealt with while my own children have been in school. I remember my principals fondly because they were present. They were never too busy to stop and talk to a student or help with something. Sure they sometimes had more pressing things to work on, but if a student needed them I remember them being available for us.

I want to say that out of all of the administrators I have known throughout my life, Adan Casas is the cream of the crop. I have had the pleasure of interacting and working with Mr. Casas for almost four years now. I first met him when my child started school at Finley Jr. High. I was able to substitute there and chose to work at Finley quite a lot because I enjoyed the environment and the student population. Now, I get to work with him daily at WHS, and I am so happy that I do because he truly makes this place a positive environment.

I remember last year when it was announced that Mr. Casas would be taking over as principal. I had colleagues asking me about him. I told them that as a parent and substitute my interactions with him were always wonderful. I reached out to the teachers I knew at Finley and I never heard one bad thing said about Mr. Casas. I was told he was so positive and motivating and that he truly wants his students and staff to succeed in all they do. It made me excited to be able to work with him as a colleague at WHS.

I know that there have been bumps in the road at WHS this year. We have a new principal, a new building, new sports coaches, integrating the 9th grade back into campus, and more. These bumps will happen and it’s like having growing pains. I can say that no matter what is going on during the day Mr. Casas will check in on faculty and students alike. He is always upbeat and positive and trying hard to ensure that everyone is safe and taken care of. I read the letter to the editor written a couple of months ago about things at WHS that were happening. I have heard parents express concerns about things they might hear. I tell them that our administrators are some of the best and they handle every single issue with aplomb. They support the students and discipline them while still ensuring that the students feel secure and nurtured.

Being a principal is not an easy job. It is a job that many will shy away from, but there are those special ones that shine. Mr. Casas is one of those that shine. He makes sure that everyone he comes in contact with knows that he cares. He is not only a principal, but a PAL to faculty and students alike, and we are truly blessed to have him.

Nicole Dunn, Waxahachie