An update of the partnership between Red Oak ISD and the City of Red Oak was provided at the board of trustees regular meeting on Tuesday.

Red Oak ISD Superintendent Dr. Michael Goddard and Kevin Freels, assistant superintendent of district operations, informed the board that boundary surveys are underway on the Hickory Creek property.

“What we discovered on the 41-acre site is that we started pulling deeds that are actually six different tracks of land that make up the 41-continuous land of acres,” Goddard clarified. “I don’t want to jump into it, and I don’t want to rush the process of that.”

Goddard shared that he requested an extension on signing the letter of intent. The agreement was tentatively scheduled to be finalized on Feb. 1.

Board president John Hawkins expressed he was not confident with the agreement since comprehensive plans for the public works facilities are not solidified.

“We are close enough where we need a definitive answer that if we get the land, this is what we are going to do with it,” Hawkins advocated.

Freels mentioned grounds and maintenance staff and heavy equipment are anticipated to be placed in the public works facilities and property. Freels said, “There are people in the offices and haven’t been able to go in and knock on walls to see what can be taken down.”

“A lot can change in 15, 18 months,” Freels said.

Trustee Dr. Joy Shaw also noted concerns about access points for the Hickory Creek property where a potential neighborhood school could be constructed. Goddard agreed that four points of access to the property would be ideal, and pointed out two existing points of access on the map at the west and south ends of the land. Goddard noted two potential access points that could be created in the future.

When Shaw questioned access points on the Interstate-35E property that has not been identified, Goddard noted negotiations with the developer are still underway.

Goddard mentioned city employees would not move out of the public works building for another 18 months, which buys the district time to create a plan. Goddard then assured internal conversations and projected floorplans about the functionality of the property would be presented for discussion in closed session that evening.

“We have an idea and a scope of what each building has," Goddard said. "What we haven’t determined is what we will do with the building on the north side, but it has a lot of office and storage space, so the potential is unlimited of what we want to start shifting and moving around.”

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