Three Waxahachie Indians powerlifters sit inside the top-three in their respective regional rankings following the opening meet of the season.

Danny Carillo highlights that group, which also includes teammates Joseph Chavez and Denton Ross, that helped the Indians to a second-place finish in the Burleson Elk Invitation on Jan. 10.

Waxahachie finished with 34 points in the team standings, trailing only the 48 points posted by host Burleson. Midlothian placed third with 31 points and Burleson Centennial was fourth with 21 points.

Quincy Johnson was the lone Waxahachie powerlifter to win his respective weight class and receive the full seven points, posting a three-lift total of 1,030 in the 165-pound class. Teammate D'Tyler Mason finished second in the same weight class, earning five points after his 1,000-pound three-lift total.

For those new to the sport, high school powerlifting is not an official UIL sport and is instead sanctioned by the Texas High School Powerlifting Association. Seven points are awarded to each first-place lifter in his respective weight class, while second place receives five points, third receives three, fourth nets two and fifth place is awarded one point.

Team totals are cumulative. Lifters strive to be in the top 12 of their respective weight classes in order to advance to the regional meet and then need to be in the top two of their region to advance to state.

Participating schools are broken into three divisions — not six classifications — and then divided into six regions.

Carillo totaled 765 pounds across his three lifts — squat, bench press and deadlift — to finish in third place in the 114-pound class behind a pair of Burleson lifters, Cesar Ledesma (910 pounds) and Erick Samayoa (835). Carillo topped out at 340 pounds inside the squat rack, 185 pounds on the bench and completed a 385-pound deadlift.

He is currently ranked first in the 114-pound class of Division I Region 3.

Chavez and Ross, the other two Indians inside the top three of their respective weight classes, both currently sit second in Region 3.

Chavez posted a 1,320-pound three-lift total in the 242-pound class. He maxed out at 495 pounds inside the squat rack, 300 pounds on the bench and pulled a 455-pound deadlift.

Ross topped out at 495 pounds on squat, 300 pounds on bench and 455 on deadlift for a 1,250-pound three-lift total in the 275-pound class.

The reaming Indians who competed in the Burleson Elk Invitational included:

—Michael Harris (114 class): 170 squat, 105 bench, 215 deadlift, 490 total, fourth place.

—Dax Lott (148 class): 360 squat, 225 bench, 345 deadlift, 930 total, second place.

—Jaydon Basham (148 class): 350 squat, 225 bench, 340 deadlift, 915 total, third place.

—Jonathen Guerrero (181 class): 365 squat, 265 bench, 380 deadlift, 1,010 total, fifth place.

—Jeremiah Lizarraga (181 class): 365 squat, 235 bench, 400 deadlift, 1,000 total, sixth place.

—Denton Ross (275 class): 495 squat, 300 bench, 455 deadlift, 1,250 total, third place.

—Alejandreo Moreno (275 class): 450 squat, 315 bench, 450 deadlift, 1,215 total, fourth place.