Those interested in running for public office can now file to have their names put on the May 4 ballot for Red Oak City Council and Red Oak Independent School District Board of Trustees.

Red Oak Residents can file now until 5 p.m. Feb. 15. Applications can be filed in person or by mail.

Red Oak ISD School Board

Interested candidates can run for one of three positions on the Red Oak Board of Trustees, including places 1 and 2, which serve three-year terms and place 5, which serves a one-year term.

Joy Shaw holds place 1 and was first elected in 2010. John Hawkins, the board’s president, holds place 2 and was first elected to the board in 2004. Place 5 is a vacant position.

To run for school board, candidates must be a registered voter and be a resident of Red Oak Independent School District, noted Beth Trimble, Red Oak ISD Executive director of communications.

Applications can be picked up and dropped off at the Red Oak ISD Education Service Center (Administration), located at 109 W. Red Oak Road.

Red Oak Mayor Dr. Mark Stanfill served on the Red Oak School Board for 14 years before he was elected mayor. He said he enjoyed the work he did.

He added that those interested in running should go in open-minded and want to help continue enhancing the district.

Red Oak City Council

To be put on the ballot for city council, candidates must be registered to vote and live in Red Oak.

There are three seats up for election on the council including places 2, 4 and 5. Each position is a three-year term. There are no other items on the ballot for Red Oak, said Deputy City Secretary Caryn Stevens.

Place 2 is held by Tim Lightfoot who was elected in 2016. Ron Wilson holds place 4 and was elected to council in 1997 and served through 2003. He was elected again in 2016. Place 5 is L. Scott Lindsey who was first elected to office in 2003 until 2009 and was elected again in 2016.

Applications can be filed in person at Red Oak Municipal Center to the Office of the City Secretary located at 200 Lakeview Parkway. Or, they can be filed by mail addressed to City of Red Oak Office of the City Secretary at P.O. Box 393 in Red Oak.

Stanfill left his position on the Red Oak ISD School Board to run unopposed for Mayor. His goal for working with the council was to continue the work the previous mayor started, he said.

He added that the work he did for the school board was completely different than the council. The two have different processes and the council requires more research on items. 

“You can’t go in with an agenda,” Stanfill said. He suggested that people go in wanting to improve the city and build off of what has already been started by previous councils.

Early election is held April 22-26 and April 29-30 with Election Day on May 4. The deadline to register to vote in the election is April 4.