To the Editor,

We all love Waxahachie. The reasons for doing so are as numerous and diverse as the many of who call this community home. And we all want what is best for our fair city as well each other.

It seems that a billboard was erected without a city permit. At the time that the city enforced an ordinance regarding off premise signs, the billboard displayed a generic message of a religious nature. The content on the board was not the issue, as far as the city was concerned. The lack of permit was.

Until the post on social media by a law firm seemingly specializing in internet trials complete with supplying keyboard jurors with torches and pitchforks presented the situation in a manner suggesting that the city was in complicit in the suppression of religious liberty by citing the billboard owner.

So we have to ask ourselves why would a reputable firm do such a thing if not for sensationalizing a abstract probability rather than presenting the full truthful story?

Publicity? Maybe to persuade the masses to imagine something had happened that did not by playing on the unsubstantiated fears of those in continual battle against a fictionalized tyrannical city government? Or maybe to rehearse the presentation of a case on social media before actual doing so in an established court of law? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it was a slow ambulance day. I don't know.

This is what I do know. Each and everyone of our elected city council members would never allow the city to persecute anyone for their religious beliefs by using city agencies to that end. Never would our city administration or any department official act in a manner questionable to ethical conduct in an official capacity. For they would have to answer to the people of Waxahachie whereas a private legal firm would not.

So what happened was that a lot of people who read the post by the legal firm spent a lot of time falsely harping on the city. Reacting to the suggestion of wrongdoing by the city with declarations of rights being infringed and liberties stifled. Doing their best to make sure the 30 minute scandal cycle didn't pass them by.

Gee, kind of like it was designed that way.

And once again the media north of us seized on this to sell more advertising. The end result was, once again, the presentation of our town in a negative light rather than the reality of what it really is due the hardwork and dedication of our city officials and the goodness of most it's residents.

I am not so naive as to not notice when things are wrong. We here in Waxahachie make mistakes. And we correct them and move on to a better future. And, as I said before, we love living here. We are good people. And well above being used as the fodder of cheap, lowly sensationalism some have chosen to portray us as just to have some justifiably questionable publicity.

It has been said that falsely pointing out faults in others only shows where the true fault lies. And the fault, in this case, was not in Waxahachie.

This my opinion and mine only.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie