Baylor Scott & White Medical Center — Waxahachie has moved one of its outpatient departments into the fold within its cancer center network. It's a change that could result in shorter wait times for cancer patients.

On Monday, Jan. 7, the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Duncanville joined the Charles A. Sammons Cancer Network, which helps cancer outpatients through different treatments including radiation and chemotherapy. Lynn Whitehair, director of the Waxahachie center, said that bringing Duncanville into the fold of Baylor Scott & White means the facility now directly falls under the Waxahachie license.

“It just enlarged the footprint for oncology for Baylor Scott & White,” Whitehair said. “It has our name. It has our leadership. We’re doing things the same way. They now are directly falling under our license.”

Whitehair said Duncanville is joining 10 other Baylor Scott & White oncology facilities accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. She explained that by joining the network, Duncanville is more integrated with Waxahachie’s medical center and cancer program.

“Just by joining us, they get that accreditation, because it links with Waxahachie,” she said. “There are many quality standards that have to be met to get that accreditation. With Duncanville joining us, they’ll now have that as well.”

According to its website, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center — Waxahachie has a variety of technological features to help cancer patients, including an on-site diagnostic imaging center, a calming infusion center and a private radiation therapy room. Whitehair said the Duncanville center has a clinic where physicians tend to patients needs.

Whitehair noted that by integrating the two centers, patients now have more options for diagnosing and treating cancer. For instance, if a patient visits the Duncanville location and it was diagnosed that he or she needed a radiation treatment, the patient could go straight to the Waxahachie location to take advantage of a shorter wait time.

Whitehair said that, by combining their resources, the two medical centers can treat more patients at a more effective rate.

“Patients come and see their physicians in consult, and then their treatment plan is worked up in conjunction with the patient,” she explained. “Then, we treat.”

Whitehair said she’s excited for the Duncanville center to join the Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center network and looks forward its positive impact on Ellis County and south Dallas.

“They won’t miss a beat,” Whitehair said. “Now we can pull those resources together to do what’s best for the patient and the communities that they serve.”

The Baylor Scott & White Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center in Duncanville is located at 310 East Highway 67 in Duncanville, while the Waxahachie center is located at 2380 North Interstate 35-East. For more information on the centers, please visit www.bswhealth.org/waxcancer.