An Ellis County jury sentenced a 37-year-old Lancaster resident to 20 years in prison for methamphetamine possession and later spitting in a deputy’s face.

Brannon Parsons, 37, was sentenced the maximum of 20 years in state prison and assessed a $10,000 fine for methamphetamine possession Wednesday in the 443rd District Court of Ellis County. Parsons was also sentenced to a maximum of 10 years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and harassment by a person in a correctional facility, according to an Ellis County and District Attorney's Office press release.

Parsons will serve all of his sentences concurrently.

On Aug. 3, 2017, the Ellis County Sheriff’s office responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle in the area. The caller reported that a pick-up had nearly hit his parked truck before it ran off the road and got stuck in the mud. The truck broke free from the mud and left behind the front bumper as it fled from the scene.

The driver of the vehicle, Parsons, later returned to the scene as a sheriff’s deputy was investigating the incident. The deputy arrested Parsons and found over six grams of methamphetamine in Parson’s pocket. The deputy also found that the truck was stolen from Dallas after he ran a check on the license plate.

Parsons was placed in a detox cell at the Wayne McCollum Detention Center because he was acting disruptive and was suspected to be under the influence of methamphetamine. Parsons then spat in a jailer’s face and got saliva into his eyes and mouth when the jailer brought him a mat and a sheet. This is a third-degree felony offense under Texas Law entitled harassment by a person in a correctional facility.

Dallas resident Charles Johnson testified during Parson’s trial Wednesday that the truck was previously stolen from the front of his house. He recalled to the jury that when he picked his vehicle up, it had damage to the steering column and ignition, along with the front bumper missing. The jury deliberated for about 30 minutes before returning with a guilty verdict for Parsons on all three counts he was being charged with.

Parsons has six previous felony convictions for offenses including possession of a controlled substance, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and evading arrest with a vehicle.