To the Editor,

You want to know what really yanks my chain? Toasts my donuts? Churns my butter and otherwise just makes my lose my cool? It's when I put my hard earned money in a vending machine and that package of twinkies gets stuck because that spiral thingy quits turning just before it lets go of my snack!

So in most cases, the great majority of us will just storm off or put more money in and wind up with more twinkies than we wanted. Yet still, a minuscule percentage of us will shake the machine. After all, it is our money and being the frugal people we are, we expect things to work the way they should, especially when our money is involved. Like our Federal government. ( okay, bad example ). Still an even more minuscule percentage of us will shake the machine so hard that the vending machine, being heavy with coins from ripping people off by malfunction or design, will tip over and fall on the poor unfortunate soul and kill them without them having the pleasure of one last bite of that cream filled, spongy delicacies.

The horror.

But it does happen. Not to the extent where one would say there was a vending machine safety crisis and emergency actions must be taken by our *President to protect the American people as is his sworn duty. Nor the blaming the Democrats for wanting unsecured vending machines that are currently terrorizing our country by not funding walls to prevent vending machines coming up through Mexico. And least we shouldn't forget that those dreaded foreign snacks hiding amongst the migrant snacks in those machine caravans.

Fact is Kids, an American citizen is more likely to be squashed by a falling vending machine than will be harmed by a person in this country illegally. That is a truth. Look it up. The info is there, verified by government agencies.

So we're out a buck for a package of twinkies or 5.6 billion for the *Trump Monument aka the border wall. It's our money. Not Mexico's.

"Facts are stubborn things."...Ronald Reagan.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie