To the Editor,

One is unnecessary. Eye to foot: Why can’t you see things my way? Foot: Baby, you ain’t going anywhere without me. 3 germ killers, saliva, gastric juice and white cor-pulses are debating who kills the most germs instead of working in harmony to get the job done. In God’s army: no jealousy, the angels rejoice with us. Satan’s army: Dog eat dog. This young man confronted a demon (male voice) coming out of a young girl who refused to leave. Young man: You’re coming out. Demon: It took me a long time to make General after I was cast out before. If I leave I will be stripped of my rank (pity party).

60 years ago God picked my wife. 20 years later I ran into a girl I had a crush on. Thank God I didn’t get her. God is smarter than me. My wife is an income tax expert, remodel genius, interior decorator, Bible Scholar (tabloid) and a great cook. Me: 2 left feet in the kitchen. In our early years: When that Redhead reaches 40 I’m trading her in on 2-20s. When she reached 40 I was too old to be rewired for 2-20s.

If 2 agree on everything both have the same weaknesses (blind spot), never really get ahead. We (she) give’s 3 times more than most say is good. I make 90 - she controls 90. We know I’m a “soft touch”. She’s not for sale or rent. Left out a lot of juicy details but I don’t write books.

Arthur C Blaylock, Waxahachie