To the Editor,

Impeach *President Donald Trump? No.

Yet many of those in opposition to him want that. To bring down in disgrace our *President would serve no purpose but to continue the chaos he has brought to our government. And our country needs a calming factor now more than ever. yet unfortunately his presidency does not provide that. So we must rely on the rule of law and the process of the constitutional rules of government to run their course before any rush to judgement on any wrongdoings allegedly contributed to our *President. In this opinion, as of this last day of 2018, I cannot definitively state that our *President is guilty of anything more than his ineptitude and narcissism. And, unfortunately because of such, our government is dysfunctional. But should he be impeached for that? No.

We knew of this when he was elected and the administration we planted is just bearing the fruits of its ability despite what we were hoping it would.

As much as we keep spinning it in from either direction, a clear understanding of its reality shall remained tainted by idiotic postings on social media coming from the White House debated beyond logic and need. A banter both embarrassing and well below the intellect and civility once commonplace among the representative government and of the good peoples of this country.

The pornography of this *Presidency shall remain unabated as long as we accept it and keep watching it with partisan eyes. Its addiction continuing until a time that we decide to turn off the channel and return to something more moral and wholesome, free from tribal banners and uplifting to each and everyone of us and to our nation as whole as designed by the rule of law rather than the impulses of one unaccustomed to the constraints of oversight insulated by their privilege from the reality of living in America known by most who they supposedly represent.

To try to place an end to the idiocy by adding to it with the rhetoric of adolescents rather than that of a mature and learned populace, well, we reap what we have sowed. And we cannot blame *President Trump for being what he is. But only blame ourselves for allowing that to change us.

To those who see an impeachment as a solution to our present crisis of government, I say there is no reason for an impeachment.

Not yet.

Let Mueller lay out his findings. If a case can be made, by all means, let Constitutional law proceed as painful and divisive as that would be. Yet we will survive. And perhaps find some of our goodness and become something better than we are now.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie