Texas is one of 14 states that will soon see a new legislative tracking tool at its disposal.

LobbyUp, an Arkansas-based lobbying company, has expanded to 14 states as a part of its nationwide expansion. The company offers a free mobile application for citizens, lobbyists, associations and advocates looking to become more aware of legislative developments. According to a press release, the application saw over 50,000 downloads in Arkansas upon its original launch.

“We are extremely excited to expand our coverage area and look forward to being nationwide,” LobbyUp President and CEO Bradley Phillips said. “This is the first time that citizens will have the same tools as professional lobbyists. It’s a lot of power in the palm of your hand.”

The application lets users view all filed bills and search bills by keywords, legislators, committees and state office directory. Users could also find their legislators via the app and watch live streams of meetings and sessions as well.

“Legislative tracking tools typically cost thousands of dollars,” Phillips said. “Citizens have never had this kind of access. Users literally have a window into the legislative process. A state can pass three or four thousand laws in three months. Our users can search and see all of these bills, its sponsor and how legislators voted on a bill for free.”

The company also sells LobbyUp Pro, a program designed for professional advocates, for $779 per year. It contains simple tracking tools, but also offers several other unique features such as automatic reports, daily agendas, vote checklists and a bill tracker. The web-based program has a 15 day, no credit card free trial that syncs with the mobile application.

“We offer them the ability to track a bill for 99 cents, allowing users to receive a notification when that bill changes status,” Phillips explained. “We have an advanced tool that allows the user to enter multiple keywords and see all bills that contain those keywords. People have just never had access to these types of tools for this kind of price.”

The application is available for free on Androids and iOS. For more information, go online at LobbyUp.com.