Thirty-one police chiefs from across the state will gather next month to recommend a curriculum for the next training cycle of their counterparts. One of those who has been summoned is Ferris Police Chief Eddie Salazar.

The Texas Police Chief Leadership Series selected Salazar and several other Police Chiefs for its 12th Focus Group meeting. Police Chiefs were selected from departments of many different sizes that represent different municipalities, school districts, colleges and university. The focus group will develop curriculum topics for the next training cycle, which will begin Sept. 1, 2019.

“We’re going to select curriculum for the next year’s training for the next two years for all police chiefs,” Salazar said. “Small department like this, I just think it’s a big honor to have been invited and hand-selected to attend this.”

Salazar said he was selected because of Ferris’ continuous efforts in community policing. Salazar expressed that one topic he wanted to delve into with the focus group was stress.

“You’re dealing with the police department,” he said. “You’re dealing with the city council. You’re dealing with the Mayor. You’re dealing with the city manager. There’s so much going on there, and if you don’t know how to manage that stress, it can kill you.”

Salazar said he recently was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and he found it unusual because he hadn’t had it before. His doctor told him it was because of stress and he taught him how to manage it from breathing techniques, meditating and playing soft music.

“If it benefits me to do this, then the other police chiefs should have the opportunity to learn what I did,” Salazar said.

The focus group will be held Jan. 3-4 at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville.