Dogs at Ellis County SPCA got a sweet Christmas treat to chow down on right before the Holidays this past Wednesday.

SPCA volunteer Tammy Bragg is an affectionate animal lover that loves dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. With about 20 dogs still in the shelter, Bragg said she sympathizes with the pups during this lonely time, being in the shelter still waiting for families to go home to during the holidays.

So to lift up their spirits, Bragg brought them a small baked benefaction.

“I made them holiday cookies,” Bragg said. “I take them cookies and treats over there. I had also taken them to other places too, like the Mansfield Animal Shelter.”

Every year, Bragg bakes Christmas cookies at her home to take to some of the animal shelters around the area, including the Ellis County SPCA. She said she’s been doing this for 19 years, dating back to 1999.

“I make these just out of whole wheat flour,” she said. “You can add flaxseed, you can add peanut butter, pumpkin is good. I put bacon bits in the last one. I just like to get creative.”

She said she enjoys watching the dogs enjoy their treats so much.

“We gave this one dog three of them,” she recalled. “He just swallowed his whole three times.”

Bragg said it breaks her heart to know these dogs are alone for the holidays. She said she hopes some families will consider taking some of these dogs home with them during Christmastime.

“I hope they find a forever home,” she said. “Not just somebody who wants to give a Christmas gift. They need a forever home.”

To look at open adoptions, visit the shelter at 2570 FM 878 or go online at elliscountyspca.org.