One Waxahachie resident has decided to deck more than just the halls this holiday season — and he has the Christmas lights on his truck to prove it.

Joshua Teer works at CK Customs, an automotive repair shop based in Ennis that has been in business for over six years. Teer said he’s particularly skilled in customizing off-road Jeeps and vehicles.

“I grew up building all kinds of things from nothing,” Teer said. “When you have nothing, then you get to figure out what you can make to make work.”

Recently, however, Teer embarked on a new automotive project. He outfitted his 1989 Comanche with almost 3,000 Christmas lights.

“I didn’t know how much to decorate,” Teer said. “I’ve never done it before. I started seeing other people’s Jeeps, and I was like ‘Crap. I crazy overdid this.’”

He added, “I could still probably add more. My grill is still wide open, and my tailgate is still wide open. I totally could fit more.”

Teer used command strips to attach Christmas lights on the front hood, roof and both sides of his vehicle. Teer said he uses a Honda EU2000 eco-flight generator in the back of his Jeep to power all of the lights at once.

“If I run the generator, I can leave it all on,” Teer explained. “It doesn’t mess with the battery on my Jeep or anything like that. It's just unlimited power.”

Teer took the Jeep with him to feature during the Ennis Parade of Lights in November. Teer said the response he’s gotten from the community on his Christmas lights has been amazing.

“People are amazed how I get everything to stick,” Teer said. “Last night, one lady came down the wrong way, apologizing, trying to take a picture. I said ‘Ma'am, I’ll pull over.’ But when I did that, two other cars came by and a man said 'Do you mind if my wife and I take a picture?' I said go for it, that’s why I’m here.”

“It’s so funny to see people be speechless while they’re trying to take pictures,” Teer continued. “Four old ladies in a suburban all had their phones out and asked questions at a red light. They were videoing as I drove by.”

There is one concern Teer has with the Christmas lights with his Jeep, and that is its visibility. Waxahachie Police Lt. Marcus Brown said a violation in the Traffic Code of statues could result in a ticket if it’s dictated that auxiliary lighting on a vehicle is too much of a distraction on the road.

“It is illegal to run anything above your headlights,” Teer explained. “I know it’s illegal.”

Still, Teer said he has a lot of fun with his Christmas Jeep. And, from his experiences driving it around, the community has a lot of fun with him in it too.

“If I get pulled over, they want to ticket me, that’s fine,” Teer expressed. “If I get in trouble, I’ll just own up to it. I won’t try to get out of it. I knew what I was doing.”

Teer said he plans to outfit his Jeep similarly during winter next year. He’s even mused the possibility of decking out a trailer for the Holidays.

“I would like for it to sparkle,” he said. “That would be nice.”

Until then, Teer is just going to leave the Christmas lights right where they are – and he hopes it brings residents a few laughs on the way to New Year’s.

‘’I’m going to be lit,” he expressed. “Those lights aren’t going nowhere. As long as I don’t get in trouble on the highway, I’ll leave em’ up for as long as I can.”