Poston Gardens was awarded a $10,000 sponsorship during the Waxahachie Community Development Corporation meeting Tuesday. The funds are to be used for a portion of the purchase of one-million-and-one tulip bulbs that will bloom in the soon-to-be-planted garden.

Daymark Living founder John Poston previously detailed his plans for the tulip garden — Poston Gardens — to the Daily Light earlier this year.

Poston Gardens will be a one-million-and-one tulip garden that will be open for six weeks from March to April in 2019. The garden is expected to be located on about 40 acres of land at the corner of Cantrell Street and FM 1446 and Interstate 35 East.

“We’ll be open every day for tulip picking,” Poston stated on Tuesday to the WCDC.

The WCDC memorandum states that the sponsorship funds would be pulled from the contingency budget of the Waxahachie Convention and Visitors Bureau. Poston said workers would plant the tulips in the spring using a custom-made tulip planter.

“They can probably do about 150,000 a day,” Poston added.

Poston explained that he got the idea for the gardens after visiting Texas Tulips in Pilot Point, which brings approximately 80,000 people to its annual festival.

“This business [model] has been around for seven years already,” Poston remarked. “It’s done very well.”

Poston noted he thinks Waxahachie could do better.

In addition to the month-and-a-half-long attraction, Poston explained that there would also be a “Tulipalooza” on Mar. 30 in Getzendaner Park, which will also feature a 5K run, barbeque and live music. The memorandum states that the Tulipalooza meets the two-part test of the Hotel-Motel Tax, in that it anticipates many travelers and thousands of dollars generated through publicity.

Poston said businesses have previously benefited from the influx of visitors during previous tulip festivals in Texas, Michigan and Washington. The potential for exposure in Waxahachie’s festival, he said, was commensurate.

“This is bringing the people in, and local business leverage off of the tulip theme,” Poston explained. “I’m telling you — everything that has a tulip on it flies out the door.”

“I think this will do a lot for the city,” he continued. “It’ll be a learning opportunity, it’ll be a work opportunity, and I hope it’s going to bring a lot of new people and tourism to Waxahachie.”

WCDC president Daniel Morton said this effort fits with the corporation's beautification initiatives established over the past few years. He expressed that there’s not a better thing the corporation can get behind.

“Not only is it a great opportunity for [businesses] – it’s a great opportunity for the city,” Morton said. “Just another thing to add to the multiple things that Waxahachie brings and has to offer.”

The community development corporation approved the sponsorship unanimously. Poston thanked the corporation for their support and expressed confidence in his upcoming development.

“I think it’ll just grow every year,” Poston said. “Gotta love Waxahachie.”