The Red Oak ISD Board of Trustees hosted a special meeting last week to update the community on a unique partnership with the City of Red Oak. After it was discussed, several community members expressed their support of the endeavor.

The deal was then unanimously approved at the regular board meeting Monday night.

Through the proposed agreement, the City of Red Oak would trade land to renovate the Live Oak property and facility to a community center. In conjunction, the district would obtain land sites that could potentially be used to plot additional campuses and more support services facilities.

The agreement reduces the impact to ROISD operating expenditures for utilities, custodial and maintenance work of the Live Oak facility. Funds would also benefit rehabilitation of existing facilities for district use as the city will provide cash up front.

The community center would provide a building for a community theater program, senior activities, a city library with more programs, and the sports fields on the property are to be revived for local youth activities.

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Infogram Red Oak Mayor Dr. Mark Stanfill acknowledged the senior community currently utilizes the Lions Club building. He also expressed a need for additional space and programs for the library that presently resides in the Municipal Building.

“It’s a win-win, I think for both organizations,” Stanfill emphasized. “We looked at it in the sense of the city that it will keep us from having to go out for a bond for facilities.”

It was essential for it to be a value-to-value agreement. Both parties conducted independent appraisals of lands to equate values and depreciation. Appraisal values included existing facilities, land and improvements. Variations were based on size, infrastructure, access points as well as comparable rates.

The Live Oak property includes the former Red Oak Intermediate School, which the district primarily uses for professional development, events and meetings space. The land also consists of the Acorn offices that include the tax office, city municipal court and a couple district offices. The 41.5-acre property also features football, baseball/softball fields and a basketball gymnasium.

The land and improvements were valued at $3,900,000, with the land alone valued at $640,000.

The city offered the Hickory Creek property along Red Oak Road to the district. It includes a frontage property of about 4.4 acres, which consists of a public works facility, and a shed. This land is valued at $1,002,2007. A .597-acre lot adjacent to the frontage property is also included and could possibly add a better access point. This is valued at $25,000. The Hickory Creek property stands at about 22.82 acres for a total of $513,450.

In totality, the Hickory Creek property, public works and facilities, plus a vacant lot of land and improvements is valued at $1,547,172.

“One of the keys here is that it’s surrounded by homes, which could create a neighborhood school potentially,” noted Red Oak ISD Superintendent Dr. Michael Goddard. “Now let me share with you this, even with the acquisition of this land, it doesn’t mean we would be building tomorrow. We don’t have a need for that now. We don’t have a need for another elementary school right now. We won’t build until we have a need for that.”

The land transfer would also include $1 million in cash from the city to ROISD.

Additionally, the district will have the choice to either accept $800,000 in cash or will obtain a 24-acre property on the west side of Interstate-35. Goddard could not disclose the exact location or name of the developer until the agreement is confirmed. He did reveal the site is a high-density development that could serve as a future neighborhood school.

Goddard expressed the “win-win” partnership would benefit the entire City of Red Oak as well as Oak Leaf, Glenn Heights and Pecan Hill students that feed into ROISD. Goddard said the agreement practices responsible utilization of existing facilities and infrastructure and reduces duplicating efforts and cost.

“The partnership would also increase the quality of life for the community as a whole,” Goddard emphasized.

The City of Red Oak agreed to the letter of intent on Dec. 10, and the public hearing was hosted on Dec. 13. ROISD trustees decided on the letter of intent during the regular December meeting on Monday. The agreement will tentatively be finalized on Feb. 1, 2019.

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