To the Editor,

Reviewing an editorial dated Nov. 18, 2016, one week after a Trump victory, prompts a 2-years later response. The author questioned what citizens could expect from this presidential election.

Quote: "Let's see just how many promises will be fulfilled, how many lives will improve, just how many will be served by their vote." to be fair, 2 big promises made have yet to come to total fruition.

FULL repeal of ACA, failed by unanimous Democrat resistance and ONE Republican thumbs down. #2, Building the Wall. Yet to be finished due to budget constriction, but more apparent needed due to recent illegal invasion and its visual and financial effects on taxpayers, border safety, and respect for our immigration laws.

The list of promises made in 2016, and to date, promises kept is long and here's a small list of those promises kept:. Elimination of unnecessary regulations strangling our energy independence development.

A new wave of business expansions, due to a revived economic confidence. that has resulted in jobs, jobs, jobs for all citizens who want to work. Lowest unemployment rates in decades, for blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, young blacks, more jobs than people willing to fill those jobs.

Tax cuts that resulted in employee bonuses, higher wages, more hours, benefits. The common citizen's thirst has finally been quenched.

The 2016 author went on to forecast: "Sorry but nothing new will come from the election. No surge in American pride or greatness." So new military overdue upgrades and defense and recognition of police, firefighters, first responders during the hurricanes and Cal. fires does not qualify?

When the Presidents works, for free, day after day, at home with new opioid programs, less food stamp dependency, high GDP ratings, as well as abroad with N. Korea, Israel, Canada, Mexico, the Euro Market, China, Middle East. most challenges promised by past administrations, but they failed to take up the challenge, but President Trump did, some he himself never imagined 2 yrs, ago, Russia has been a thorn in his side due to the Mueller probe, to Trumps supporters, a clear taxpayer wasted witch hunt to dethrone him, and an everyday last hope for the resistance to dig something, anything, up, made up or coerced by Muellers anti trump paid lawyers and supporters. If only it could be "proven" Trump's victory in 2016 was unearned and Hillary should be on the throne! Just like this author, after 2 yrs. of no evidence of collusion, which is not a crime, I too, am waiting for the results of Mueller's "investigation."

So, "the new car has been bought," and we can see it has been proven to be a Great choice for our country to travel the roads of diplomacy and prosperity and a long overdue revival of American pride and traditions, rule of law, benefiting its citizens first. We did get who we voted for and JUST what America needed. The results are in. Promises made, Promises kept.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie