To the Editor,

It was today in 1941 we as a nation were attacked at Pearl Harbor. It was 24 years later that I as a child would visit that site. I remember going to the Arizona memorial and looking down in the watery grave of those that didn't get put. Of going to the graveyard where they buried the dead under endless rows of markers. Of the building where my Dad worked at Hickam Field that had bullet holes filled with contrasting mortar to remind us of that day of infamy.

December 7 is a day on which I will never forget what sacrifice really means. To put away our selfishness and to become a nation where our very survival depends on our ability to rise above what was dealt us and to take the steps to that it will never happen again. To the interests of the nation above our own. And what being an American requires.

So when I hear our present * Commander in Chief whining about investigations that might implicate him instead of honoring those who died on this day so many years ago, one has wonder just for whom he occupies the Oval office for. And does he any have any clue about those requirements.

My prayers and gratitude to those that do.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie