No injuries were reported after the Waxahachie Fire Department responded to a fire at the Owens Corning Fiberglass warehouse Thursday night.

The department was dispatched to 3700 North Interstate Highway 35 East at around 8:45 p.m. Fire Chief Ricky Boyd said the blaze began when a batch of fiberglass did not cool off fast enough after it went through the oven during production. While the fiberglass itself was not flammable, the packaging around it was, and it caught on fire due to the fiberglass’ high temperature.

Boyd said the warehouse’s emergency response team went up on forklifts in the warehouse, removed stacks of packaged fiberglass and put it outside so the fire department could put out the smoldering packages one at a time.

“It’s a long, time-consuming process,” Boyd said. “It all has to be unpiled, extinguished as you go. We were there for a total of around three hours before we turned the plant back over to them.”

The crews left the scene around midnight.