To the Editor,

I’m speaking on behalf of current Waxahachie High School students. Our new school is a beautiful facility where I feel as if I’m always safe. I use the restroom at least two times a day, and I’ve never have ever seen a usage of drugs, any type of sexual activity, or ANYTHING to make me feel unsafe. Bringing up the fights, there has been only THREE at our school this year. Not a couple a day. There’s only been a couple this year so far, and our administrators do the best they can to try to keep fights from breaking out. They can only do so much. There are 2400 students here.

Also, the topic of cell phone usage. Being a senior, I have six class periods. Out of six class periods, in five of them I am required to place my cell phone in a bin to keep me away from distractions. And as for the nudity pictures that were being referred to, that happens outside of school every single day no matter if it’s a classroom, or not. Your child has easy access to porn, whether inside the class room or sitting in their room at night. Our super awesome superintendent spent the day at Waxahachie High School, and was puzzled at how awesome the students acted, and how everyone all felt comfortable and were simply, just being kids. Everyone’s entitled to opinions, but everything you’re bring to the table is hearsay. Try attending a day at our school. I’m sorry your child has had a bad experience at WHS, but on behalf of some concerned students about the article, we love our school and look at it as a safe place.


Tori Osborn, Waxahachie