To the Editor,

My name is Camille Willett and I’m a senior at Waxahachie High School. I have been going to the high school since my freshman year. I’ve seen our school grow and evolve a lot over the past couple of years and I can confidently say that I am extremely proud of my school and the administration for all they do for us. Hearing a lot of the negativity about our school from parents has been very upsetting. There is complaint about dress code, fights, phone use, drugs and security. While I understand that from a parents point of view this can be concerning, I don’t believe the situation is being well represented. Maybe it shouldn’t be so, but this is high school, and you’re gonna hear some inappropriate language and stories, and maybe witness a fight or two. There are always going to be students in the class rooms who can’t stay off their phones and who just seem to get away with wearing whatever they want. Our security officers cannot be everyone at once, and a student may be able to slip out and ditch class. A big problem, not just in the high school, but with teens around the country, is vaping. Our administration staff at the high school is fully aware of this problem and I have firsthand witnessed them taking action to prevent this from occurring in our school. Students are fully aware of the consequences and what will happen should they choose to not follow school policy. As for drugs and their use at the high school, I have seen it dramatically decrease with the enforcement of random drug testing once a month. Though I do not necessarily agree with the testing, I cannot argue that it has helped to minimize drug use within the school. Students are aware of the schools strict no drug policy and the extreme consequences they will face should they choose to disobey. I am not saying that there is no vaping or drug use in the school. However, our administration staff works hard to enforce rules on these things and keep students from getting themselves into this kind of trouble. This isn’t an epidemic that is only seen here in waxahachie. Schools across the united states struggle with these things, regardless of what neighborhood they are in. This is a real world issue, and i’m not saying it’s ok and that we should just accept its going to happen, but the fact is that it does. We can either complain about the people doing their best to fix it, or we can start doing a part in helping bring light and information to the people effected. Teach your kids what is right, trust them to make the good decisions, and don’t shelter them to think that there isn’t any bad in the world. Why not start a campaign within schools about the dangers of vaping and drugs on young minds? Do something productive with this frustration. I’ll agree it’s a problem, but the people at our school work hard everyday to create a positive environment for kids to come to that’s also safe and well regulated. I believe that what they are doing for our school is exceptional. Yes, it’s the first year and a school 3x the size of the last. There will be mistakes, things to learn from and fix for the next year, and not everything will be perfect. But do we really ever expect that? Our administration is working hard to learn the new school and what is going to be safe and best for our students. They are doing all they can. A high school will always have its issues and not every student can be controlled and monitored. Some will slip through the cracks. I can’t even compare this new school year to the previous. Dress code has always been an issue that no previous or current administrator I’ve had has been able to fully enforce. Cell phones are a generational issue that distract us from learning and living that teachers are doing their best the manage, because there isn’t really any controlling it. Fights happen, and it’s sad and can be scary. However we have a good team of security officers that are able to watch and break up any fights almost immediately. Students who skip class and leave school are counted absent and held responsible for their actions. Yes these are issues within our school, and yes I hope for them too to be solved and taken care of. As student body president of the high school, I have a great leadership role that I take very seriously and with great responsibly. I am the voice for my student body and I want the best for our school as a whole. I work with our administration team every day and I see the work that they put into our school. I see the stress and the responsibility they take on everyday, and still come back the next with a smile on their face and a positive attitude. They are nice and respecting to students, but stern when they need to be. Let’s be honest, high school kids are tough (I would know). They are rebellious, mean, sneaky, and self righteous. It would be easy for our administration to say, “we just can’t control them” and put tons of rules and regulations in place. Talk about a prison. Instead they are patient, and they want the best for us, without having to treat us like we are felons. They do everything they can to keep our school a safe learning environment, while still respecting that we are young adults who don’t do everything perfect and mess up... a lot. They come everyday, positive and ready to do all they can for us. As I mentioned, I feel like my job as student body president is to represent for all students at the high school, and give them a voice when they need to be heard. I feel like, in this case, I am needed to be that for our administration team too. They do so much for all students at WHS, and they work so hard to achieve the perfect leaning environment. They aren’t perfect. High school can be tough. But we are all trying. I can’t stand by without telling the truth. What I see every day. people working hard and doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. If anything, isn’t that enough?

Camille Willett, Waxahachie