Carol Brewer took her first rescue dog home with her to be her own about four years ago. She then adopted five more.

Now with Nava Dog Animal Rescue, she has saved hundreds of dogs throughout Ellis County.

Brewer founded Nava Dog Animal Rescue in 2015 to locate forgotten, sick or neglected dogs from the pound, feed them, give them medical care and send them to new homes with loving owners.

According to a press release, Nava Dog saved over 150 dogs last year. The organization has already surpassed that number this year.

“Her whole goal was to be out here to rescue more animals,” said her friend, Julie Webb. “She’ll take pregnant dogs, blind dogs, maybe dogs missing a leg and she gives those animals medical care and love. And she works with several groups to get them to new homes.”

One of those groups is the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, a New York-based nonprofit that saves approximately 200 dogs annually from eight states, including Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Los Angeles, North and South Carolina, Kentucky and, of course, Texas. Their motto, according to their website, is “Saving badass dogs from idiot humans.”

They recently recognized Brewer with their highest honor – the Louis F. Turco award – earlier this month at their Badass Bash 2018 in Williamsburg, New York.

“Back in September, they were in Texas and they pulled over 55 dogs that have since come up to New York,” Brewer said. “Most of those 55 have been adopted.”

Brewer started her dog-saving career in Dallas several years ago where she worked with the no-kill organization Paws in the City. After she moved on to work with the foster-based group DFW Rescue Me, Brewer moved to Ellis County so she could expand her capacity.

“I wanted to have more property so I could help more dogs,” she said. “We’ll usually have a dozen on average at any given time.”

“She does mainly dogs, but she’s got everything,” Webb explained. “From a few rescued pigs and a little pony to cats and everything else.”

Besides donations to the non-profit, one of the biggest things Nava Dog is always looking for is sponsor homes.

“We need people in the community to help us by opening up their home and letting dogs stay with them for the short term,” she said. “Until we can get them transferred up here.”

Webb said Brewer’s goal is to rescue as many animals as she can. Many times, she’ll take in dogs that are not in the best health or situation.

“She pulls dogs out of our area pounds, and she’s really good about getting dogs that are not the most rescuable,” Webb said. “She’ll take pregnant dogs, dogs with issues, blind dogs, maybe dogs missing a leg, and she works with those animals through medical care and love. She works with several groups to get them to new homes.”

“I really value her working to save and find new homes for animals within our county,” she said. “I think she’s a little bit of an unsung hero.”

To donate or learn more about Nava Dog Animal Rescue, go online at www.navadogtx.com.