To the Editor,

Every day on my way to school, I have noticed a problem at an intersection on Highway 77. I am talking about the intersection between Lowe’s and Home Depot. It is not for two crossing roads. It is an intersection for Highway 77 and two parking lots.

Maybe you are asking yourself why this is a problem. The problem is with the timing of the lights early in the morning at the intersection. On the main road there is a lot of traffic. People are trying to get to work and school on time. When the lights stay green, people can move more quickly and reach their destination.

The parking lots don’t get any heavy traffic at 8:00 in the morning because the stores are all closed. They don’t open until 9:00 or 10:00. The parking lots are as empty as Santa’s sleigh on New Year’s in the early morning.

The timing of the lights does not match the traffic patterns. I see that the parking lots are getting to much ‘green light’ time to let only one or two cars go through the intersection. Often, there are not even any cars waiting in the parking lots, but the heavy traffic on the main road has to stop anyway. On the other hand, the ‘green light’ time for Highway 77 is too short for all the traffic. My family and the rest of Waxahachie, have to waste their time, watching a red light and an empty intersection.

I am calling the City of Waxahachie to change the timing of the lights. I think it should give less time to the parking lots in the early morning and more time to the main road.


Aidan Fuller, Waxahachie