To the Editor,

Almost 20 years at Walmart. 2 big complaints: Things moved around harder to find. I explain: On your way to find what you want to find something you can’t live without and you buy more and possibly save a trip. Gas is going up. Not enough cashiers and live people to complain to: stand in line for any help. Working on that problem but robot production is running behind. These robots will be like politicians who solve your problems: make you feel good: a lot of sweetness but no sugar. Until they can come and fill the gap, we have to work less than 30 hours. When robots become a majority, we will have more time off to party, vacation and hanky panky. Until then, we will have to work these hard hours and do the best we can.

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Perry Stone

PO Box 3595

Cleveland, TN 37320

Arthur Blaylock, Waxahachie