To the Editor,

I'm giving thanks.

I'm giving thanks for my town of Waxahachie. A place where goodness is still recognized as a primary connection between diverse people. Where we still say hello to each other and have a great day and really mean it. I am grateful to be living here and for you being my neighbor.

I'm giving thanks for our country. A place where the people, you and I and everyone else, choose to participate freely in determining how we shall govern ourselves. And to use that freedom to express ourselves in speech and civil action to meet that end in spite of constant threats erupting almost daily. I am grateful for the strength to stand resolute in practicing the decency that defines our identity, shoulder to shoulder with my fellow citizens, in protecting our country.

I am giving thanks for my family. It is source of nurturing love and support. Our happiness is not of simply being related by blood or circumstance but that of being together by want, by an infinite love we share. I am grateful for my wife, a woman that becomes more fascinating and more beautiful every day.

Mostly, I am giving thanks for being here. Being in relative good health, I savor my life as it is. There is nothing I want more than I have and do not miss what I have lost. I have been touched by grace more times than I deserve. I can only hope that it finds those who needs its touch and will be sated by its bounty. Trying to do my part by sharing whatever I can to whoever needs it by whatever means possible only adds to that grace but will never be equal what has been shown to me. Yet I shall try. I am grateful for living at this time and in this place.

I pray that each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving day. And thanks to each of you for helping me in having one of my own.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie