Waxahachie High School black box theater students will present the ghostly comedy, “Holding On,” to kick off the fall season.

Waxahachie theater teacher Ryan Mullican wrote the script and directed the play that focuses on a famous author who mourns the recent death of his wife.

“He doesn’t know it but he is living in a house full of ghosts, and each of them are there for their own reasons,” Mullican detailed.

The setting takes place at the home of the author on the evening of his book-release party. Randomly, his editor knocks the author out and takes him hostage. The reason behind the holdup and the hidden messages of the new novel are revealed as the ghosts unveil their true identities.

“People get possessed on stage by the ghosts,” Mullican added.

Mullican explained each personality of the ghosts and shared how the show relates to every sense of humor. He described the show as funny with a dramatic undertone.

“I like comedy and kind of wanted to find something that would be a vehicle for high school actors and wanted to write something that I would like to go and watch,” Mullican explained.

He continued, “If I can make them laugh and then hurt them a little in their laughter and catch them off guard that’s what I enjoy as a teacher of the arts.”

For the past six weeks, students — who auditioned for the class last year — have prepared for the 90-minute show. “Holding On” will show at 7 p.m Nov. 7-10 in the black box theater inside Waxahachie High School. Tickets can be purchased online at https://whsdramadept.org/or at the door.

“We are all terribly excited,” said Mullican about the first black box show at the new high school. “We are looking forward to having this for years now and now Ms. Meyers, we have been dreaming about this new space, and we got it. It’s been a long time coming so this will be one of many productions to come out of there.”

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