To the Editor,

I would love to respond to Isaac McGinnis' request for information about Waxahachie.

The City of Waxahachie was officially organized in 1850. “The very name “Waxahachie” creates a great deal of interest and many inquiries as to its origin. The name is derived from the Indian word meaning ‘Buffalo Creek.’” This excerpt is provided by the city’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau website at It also has information about the economy through the years and more.

Another great website to visit is:

While these are both good resources to answer your question about the history of our city, I want to invite you and your family to come visit Waxahachie. Experiencing our historic homes, buildings and speaking with those who have lived here for many years and hearing their stories is really the best way to learn about the history of our city. I would be more than happy to introduce you and your family to some fantastic folks who can do that.

I commend what you are doing and strongly encourage you to continue this quest for information!

I can be contacted by email at or you can call City Hall at 469-309-4000 and they can relay a message to me.

Best wishes!

Melissa Olson, Waxahachie City Council