To the Editor,

It is extremely ironic that the legislators who have been enraged about alien parent/child separations at the border vehemently condone and support the murder of innocent unborn babies. These politicians call themselves “pro choice” because the word choice has a positive connotation for most people. They never describe themselves as pro abortion, but that is what they are.

Many people don’t know much about abortion, but it is easily researched online; photos of the tiny victims of surgical abortions are heartbreaking. And most people don’t realize that a fetus has a heartbeat after only 2-3 weeks of conception. Even a diagram of a baby being torn limb from limb should make one wonder why the murder and torture of innocents is funded by tax dollars through Planned Parenthood. Abortion is NOT planned parenthood. Rather, it would indicate a lack of planning and responsibility.

Before deciding if one is for or against abortion, he/she should find out what abortion is really all about. Before supporting candidates, determine whether he/she supports abortion.

Annette Locke, Ennis