To the Editor,

Fill in the last three letters from title above. Did you see W A R to read Civil War? Maybe I T Y for civility? Perhaps I A N, for civilian? Have you heard any of these words used lately? Last week I heard Hillary Clinton state there could be NO civility until political seats favor her party. Is this what citizens want, or what politicians want? Well, as a civilian with the right to vote I know what's important to me. I want to live in a civil society, with civil laws, and civil freedoms. I don't see civil behavior on the news or on social media. I've even heard mention of Civil War. Is this what it could come to? 1860 Civil War was largely due to slavery and economics between the North and the South. A 2018 Civil War would be about the 2016 elections and a resistance movement. So what would it look like? Is it starting already? I hear families have discords over politics, I see institutions of learning promote political bias. Churches, too, have become open forums for elections. Neighbors don't like the signs in their neighborhoods. I won't even go into detail about TV newsworthy episodes of restaurant harassments, property damage, verbal accusations that can only be labeled as infantile, often untrue, and vile. Hatred is NOT civil.

As a civilian of U.S.A. I voted my choice. Yet I worry, either way for the results. If my choice loses, my vision for America will be topsy-turvy. If my choice wins, I unfortunately, do not see civility across our nation.

And yes, voter fraud will be chanted by both losing sides. And I'm civil enough to recognize it is NOT one person to blame. There are many to point fingers at.

Go to the polls and vote. If inclined, go to a place and pray for all civilians, for mutual civility, and for National Peace rather than civil war.

There is always hope beyond hatred.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie