Strange voices, odd sounds and toppled over glasses are some of the experiences that have the staff at Big Al’s Down the Hatch a little spooked.

So much so, that ghost hunter Russell Rush was brought in to investigate and see if the restaurant indeed has paranormal activity within its walls.

Owner and radio personality, Big Al Mack stated before Rush came out to the restaurant that employees had reported unusual activity, such as glasses toppling over with nobody around or hearing voices.

“They stayed like six or seven hours and recorded all of this,” Mack said. “Russell told me that he had never had a conversation that clear with the spirits before.”

Mack stated the team reported nine spirits in the building with one spirit who was a child and another who had the name of Ed. The investigators told Mack they thought the spirits were not evil and did not seek to harm anyone, but were a little mischievous and wanted to be noticed. He added the recording was “very surreal” and “we all kind of freaked out.”

Bar manager Danica Advincula stated there have been some odd incidents at the restaurant that have left her a little bit on edge.

“I have actually felt like I have seen him. The other bartender and I were closing down, and we had to turn off all the lights, and she couldn’t find her keys. A second chair leaned over against the wall, and I screamed,” Advincula said. “I was like hurry up, and she was like ‘wait don’t leave me.’ I kept screaming, and I saw a guy walk from the entrance and disappear. It was a guy that looked like he had cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, a red plaid shirt, and jeans. I freaked out and closed my eyes again.”

Advincula stated, before they left, the figure walked by the restaurant a second time.

She added other employees have reported glasses falling with nobody around, as well as unexplainable voices.

As Mack told the story on his morning radio program, medium Lisa Schiro reached out to the staff to share her ability on the air. Mack spoke with Schiro over the phone. She then placed him in contact with his father, who passed five years ago.

“I was very skeptical. After she talked to me for a little bit and said what she said I talked to J-Si on the show about his uncle. We were all believers after that,” Mack said. “She said things for me and for J-Si that nobody else knew. In my opinion, it made it clear that she actually had this sense and she hears voices.”

Mack stated through the answers she gave he could feel his father’s presence in the conversation. Mack then became better acquainted with Schiro and has invited her to do readings at Down the Hatch.

“She lives in New Orleans, and she helped a police department in Louisiana locate a missing person. So I was like, 'Well, I want to give her the opportunity to help more people because a lot of people had a positive response from hearing from her on the radio,” Mack said. “I said let's do a reading for her in Waxahachie at the restaurant. We had not done that before.”

Schiro will, in fact, conduct a one-time reading at the restaurant on Tuesday. Doors will open at 6 p.m. and Schiro will start at 7:30 p.m. General admission tickets are $5, and seating is limited.

“She does not use anything. She just communicates,” Mack said. “These are her words, ‘You never know who is going to come through.’”

Big Al’s Down the Hatch is located at 200 S. Rogers Street in downtown Waxahachie. For more information, visit www.bigalsdownthehatch.com or search "Big Al’s Down the Hatch" on Facebook. The staff at the restaurant can be reached at 214-980-1120.