To the Editor,

At this time, we here in Waxahachie are experiencing growth for the simple fact that we have something to offer those seeking a place to live. We have the space for new homes, for new retail developments to serve them and great schools to help educate their children. So they come.

As they always have.

What they discover once they get here is a place with a rich history. A place where people came to work hard, to build a town to serve not only their needs but the needs of their neighbors as well. Where Waxahachie was continually a community in transition from what is once was to what it will be. A place that felt both the kind grace of prosperity and the harsh, cold hand of economic stagnation.

Yet our town remains. Its people uniting as neighbors and showing what it is that makes Waxahachie something special.

I have heard many recently complain about how growth will destroy our community. Of how the building of new homes and businesses will change how Waxahachie is now. Of how Waxahachie is full, shut the doors and lock up the city coffers. Some basically saying I got mine and nobody further can have theirs. It's my town and you can't have any of it. Don't Frisco my Waxahachie.

All that is true. Our physical appearance will change.Traffic congestion will increase. All the material aspects of living here will become more difficult to live with. Just as it has before.

Yet if that is ones focus then that is all they shall see.

The truth is that our town, our community, our Waxahachie is much more than a material place. It is a place where people come together because they want to be here. Where the people already here look at not where a new resident is from, or what kind of car they drive but by what kind of person they are. And those new to the town respect what is already here and seek to add to the goodness of Waxahachie. By simply being here. As it always has been.

For we are a special place. We have many churches to base our faiths. We have many organizations to join and contribute to the betterment of our town. We have many festivals and civic events to celebrate our community. And we have many parks and public places to just enjoy being here. But more important we have good neighbors.

That is what makes Waxahachie special. It is that spirit of kindness, of respect, of unconditioned altruism that connects us. And above all, it is a want to be among good, friendly people that keeps us living here, and brings in others to join us.

Yes,we will grow. Hard fact. Physically we will change. But how we do grow spiritually to match that material growth all depends on what one brings to the table. I cannot decide that for anyone but myself. Hopefully, we will continue in the tradition that makes Waxahachie special beyond the brick and mortar, beyond the material growth but from what we offer from our hearts. That is the real Waxahachie.

I never let a person's politics or religion stop me from liking them. And I don't care where they're from. I'm just glad that they're my neighbors. In Waxahachie, that is becoming more true than ever. And I hope it never stops growing.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie