To the Editor,

I just wanted to give a shout out to the three awesome Midlothian firefighters who helped this damsel in distress early Thursday morning.

I was delivering newspapers in Midlothian and as I was dropping off the mailbags at the Post Office, I accidentally locked myself out of my vehicle with the motor running.

Roadside Assistance could have helped me but I would have had to wait several hours before they could send someone out.

The rep at Roadside Assistance suggested that I contact law enforcement to see if they might be able to help me.

I called the Midlothian Police Department and within a few minutes, three firefighters came to my rescue.

I am grateful for their help in this situation and I appreciate their willingness to protect and serve our communities.


Ray Devone Fautt Jackson, Independent Newspaper Distributor, Waxahachie