Manna House is on the move.

Providing the needs of Ellis County as far back as 1992, Manna House will move to 3241A Robinson Road — near U.S. Highway 287 — by Oct. 27.

“That’s also my birthday,” executive director Sissy Franklin said.

Franklin estimates that Manna House receives and distributes between 55,000-60,000 pounds of food every month. Recently adding Venus, Lillian, Alvarado, Mansfield and Maypearl to its list of cities, Franklin said Manna House is moving to a larger location to meet the needs of these communities.

“We get enough food that we can share with the community of Venus,” she said. “They are so needy out there. They need someone to help out.”

According to dataUSA, Venus has a poverty rate around 11.2 percent — much higher than Midlothian’s 7.7 percent and Mansfield’s 6.4 percent, per indexmundi statistics. The most substantial demographic living in poverty is females ages 55-64, according to dataUSA.

Moving from their current 1,200-square foot location to a 6,000-square foot location, Franklin said there would be more opportunity to provide for a broader need of hunger.

“There’s so much poverty out there, not a lot of help out there,” she said. “We just saw it as a real need to get these people some food.”

For the past four to five years, Manna House has provided a summer feeding program with Midlothian ISD. They want to give the same opportunity to Venus ISD students.

“We fed the kids here in Midlothian almost 5,000 meals this summer,” she said. “We want to make sure Venus gets that same opportunity.”

Right now, Manna House is focused on getting the pantry ready and moving most of its stock out to the new location, making sure they’re well-equipped for their opening day on Monday, Oct. 29. They are currently looking for volunteers that can help with the move.

“Anyone that wants to come and help can help,” she said. "We will not turn anyone away.”

The grand opening for their new location is on Nov. 13. Franklin said the Manna Shelter also started their Thanksgiving and Christmas signup on Monday.

If you would like to volunteer, contribute to their holiday drives or learn more about the Manna House, call 972-775-1800 or go to mannahousemidlothian.org.


David Dunn, @DavidDunnInTX