The trial of Sandra Louise Garner is set to go before a jury in the 443rd Judicial District Court on Feb. 4, 2019.

Garner is alleged to have murdered her husband, Jon Garner, 42, in their Maypearl home in January.

After rejecting a plea deal, the 55-year-old woman was successful in lowering her initial bond of $2 million once but was denied a second, more significant reduction.

As previously reported by the Daily Light, Maypearl Police found Jon dead inside the residence on Jan. 1 in the 100 block of Creekview Circle. Sandra initially told police she was awakened by two gunshots and a masked man holding a gun and a flashlight that demanded money and threaten her life if she didn’t follow his instructions.

Maypearl Police Chief Boyd Norton stated, at the time of the investigation, Garner also claimed the perpetrator told her that he had a grudge against Jon because of an issue at work.

“Ms. Garner said she was instructed to open their home safe and gave the intruder $18,000,” Norton said.

Norton stated Garner claimed she was told to go inside the bathroom and "count to 100" until the intruder left the residence or he would come back and kill her.

Then, when a search warrant was executed on the home, a small caliber projectile was found in a pillowcase in the master bedroom. An autopsy found a similar projectile lodged inside Jon’s body. These projectiles were identified as .38 caliber.

The search also resulted in the seizure of multiple electronic devices. One of the devices belonging to Garner had an internet link related to “how to kill someone and not get caught.”

A second search found a .38 caliber Taurus handgun inside a locked Ford Mustang on the property. The handgun was not found inside the vehicle during the initial search.

Court records show the Ellis County and District Attorney’s Office offered Garner a 45-year prison sentence in exchange for a guilty plea. She rejected the deal on Sept. 13.

Records from 10th Court of Appeals in Waco indicate that Garner was successful in lowering the bond amount — from $2 million to $1 million — by filing a writ of habeas corpus. The second application for a writ of habeas corpus to reduce that amount between $20,000-$100,000 was denied on July 19.

Justice Al Scoggins wrote in his July 19 ruling that Sandra has significant assets including three vehicles, a home, access to a $15,000 line of credit, $10,000 in a checking account and family members who could also provide assistance up to $1,500.

Scoggins did note Garner’s daughter testified those assets are tied up in her late husband’s estate and a wrongful death lawsuit.

“Garner’s assets have not been exhausted, and she has made no showing of her efforts to furnish bail,” Scoggins wrote. “Accordingly, these factors favor the denial of the reduction of the bail amount.”

Scoggins stated in his ruling that lowering the bail presents a safety risk because Sandra has made statements about wanting to take her own life.