The Waxahachie ISD Board of Trustees unanimously rescinded the electioneering policy adopted in April and voted to prohibit polling at campuses where children are present.

Trustee John Rodgers placed the action item on the agenda of Monday's regular meeting to rescind the board’s regulation concerning electioneering activities on district-owned polling locations, which was adopted on April 9.

“With all due respect to the board members here and former board members — it was a complete debacle in my mind,” Rogers expressed. “It was very tough as a campaigner to participate in the policy, and it created a lot of problems for the school district.”

Rogers presented a second motion that allows polling to take place at the Waxahachie ISD Administration Building and any campus when students are not present.

The board unanimously approved both motions.

Rodgers also brought forth item F on the consent agenda that discussed the expansion of the drug test panel from five to 10. Rodgers noted his “conservative side” when he pointed out nine months of 10-panel drug tests would cost over $23,000 and over $18,000 for seven months.

Shelle Blaylock, Assistant Superintendent of Leadership and Academics, informed the board that this recommendation was made after the Waxahachie Police Department, school resource officers and other outreach programs shared that drugs not tested on the five-panel were common in the area.

“With so many students not showing positives, it was likely that we are not targeting all of those drugs that have been tested,” Blaylock emphasized.

Blaylock mentioned the district has options and could administer five-panel and 10-panel tests to reduce costs, instead of solely 10-panel tests.

Rodgers again voiced his concerns for the budget. Autrey then stated it would be an increase of approximately $800 a month. Trustee Clay Schoolfield suggested the board see more information on comparable districts that implemented a 10-panel and if more students tested positive for the more “extreme drugs.”

After the information presented by Blaylock, trustee Joe Langley moved to extend the 10-panel drug test for the remainder of the year. The motion passed five to two, with Rogers and Schoolfield voting in opposition.

After the board reconvened from closed session, Autrey explained the board received five responses from superintendent search firms. It was agreed the board would meet on Oct. 24 to interview the firms in 30-minute increments. Cain mentioned if the board is not pleased with the firms who present, the board could reopen the superintendent search firm request for proposal response.

The board adjourned at 9:25 p.m.