Matt Morris wants to show residents the beauty of Midlothian that they sometimes unknowingly pass. That’s why he’s releasing two calendars dedicated to the many faces of Midlothian that will benefit two local non-profits.

A casual photographer for three years, Morris was taught how to use a digital camera by his cousin several years ago. Since then, Morris has taken photos at every opportunity he’s been given.

“I’ve always wanted to be one, but I never really called myself a photographer,” Morris said. “I think everyone either thinks or feels like they’re a photographer. I didn’t feel like I had done my time all the years as a photographer to call myself one.”

Earlier this year, Morris took several photos around the city when a few people suggested making a calendar from all of his pictures. Taking their suggestions to heart, Morris started compiling two calendars unique to each other: one based around locales called, “The Scenes of Midlothian,” and one focused on dogs called, “The Dogs of Cement City.”

Morris said he plans to donate the proceeds from the location and dog calendars to the food and utility nonprofit Manna House and the Midlothian Animal Shelter, respectively.

“I had already been taking a lot of photographs around town,” Morris explained. “Someone said you should make a calendar, but it wasn’t anything I wanted to make money off of. I just didn’t see any reason to make any sort of gains off of it.”

Morris said he was just happy to capture all the different scenes of life around Midlothian.

“That’s actually from my pond in my front yard,” Morris remarked about one calendar page featuring a flower. “I’m kind of obsessed with lights and weather, and I’m always looking at something, like this building in downtown, or maybe like the little pond across from tractor supply that has a crooked pier that a neighbor built.”

“People don’t look at that stuff,” he said. “I find it fascinating that people just pass by these things, these places and not even bat an eye. It amazes me that some people sometimes don’t see this.”

Even though the calendars are now fully funded, Morris said he is looking for sponsorships throughout October. Calendars will be available for purchase in December for $20. If you’re interested in a purchase or sponsorship, email tsdigital@seanandtiff.com.


David Dunn, @DavidDunnInTX