After they applied in September, five Midlothian business leaders have been officially nominated for a three-year term on the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

The nominees include Carrington Coleman owner Cathy Altman, Lone Star Capital owner Tommy Blake, Leasing Impressions owner Stephen Hidlebaugh, TexPlex Park and Blaine Stone Lodge owner Tommy Kehoe, and Texas Ace Heating & Air marketing manager Michelle King. The slate of nominees was submitted to the current board of directors to be considered during their upcoming meeting on Oct. 18.

Chamber president Cammy Jackson said candidates were nominated to the board by another member from the chamber in previous years. This year, they changed the nomination process to make the chamber more involved.

“This is the first time we’ve ever done an application,” Jackson said. “A lot of times, I know who the members are when they get nominated to the board, but the nominating committee doesn’t know them, because maybe they’re not as involved, or they haven’t had an opportunity to meet them. This helps the nominating committee know a little bit more about them.”

According to Jackson, the application required the nominees to submit their resume, professional background and an explanation of what they can contribute to the board.

Two of the nominees, Altman and Hidlebaugh, have already served on the board in the past year. Jackson said they were appointed after the previous directors’ left their positions mid-term.

“They’re being elected to their first full term after fulfilling another director’s unexpired term,” Jackson explained.

Meanwhile, Blake, Kehoe and King would serve on the board for the first time, if elected later this month. Jackson described them as motivated, strategic and community oriented.

“These are new, fresh faces that have been involved with the chamber in some way or another and really bring some positive energy,” Jackson said. “They’re very, very supportive of the chamber.”

Jackson said she feels confident in these nominees and can’t wait to see what they contribute to the chamber of commerce.

“They don’t see a problem without knowing a solution,” she said. “I think they will take the board to a whole other level.”

Jackson said chamber members have until Friday to petition the slate of nominees. If petitioned, the board will have to vote on the nominees individually. If no petition is submitted, the chamber will vote on the full slate and the new board members’ term will begin in January next year.


David Dunn, @DavidDunnInTX