Nine-year-old Palmer resident, Kolten Irion, got to witness the Dallas Stars game up close during one of their preseason games on Sept. 18.

In attendance of the game against the St. Louis Blues with his father, Jeremy, and their neighbor, Kolten barely made it a few steps into the American Airlines Center before he was singled out from the crowd.

“As soon as we walked through security, one of the Stars’ affiliates walked up and asked if he wanted to be the stick kid,” Jeremy said. “Just very randomly, picked us out of a crowd of people. Of course, I was like ‘He absolutely wants to be the stick kid.’”

A Stars fan since they relocated to Dallas in 1992, Jeremy was excited that Kolten was selected to be stick kid. But at first, Jeremy said Kolten seemed hesitant at the opportunity.

“Kolton had a look on his face, like ‘I don’t really know,’” Jeremy said. “It wasn’t even a question. My neighbor and I were like ‘You absolutely want to do this. Let’s go. It’s not an option.’”

As the stick kid, Kolten got to go downstairs to ice level and fist bump all of the players during the warm-ups. Jeremy, Kolten and their neighbor also got ringside seats and watched the action up close.

“He got to stand right on the ice behind the barrier with his little helmet on during warmup,” Jeremy said. “ When they finished, one of the players came up to him and signed a hockey stick for him. A game-used hockey stick.”

Kolten said the hockey stick is on display in their living room at home. The Stars defeated the Blues that night, 5-3.

“Both preseason games we’ve been to, they’ve won 5-3,” Jeremy said. “I think we’re good-luck charms.”


David Dunn, @DavidDunnInTX