The State Fair of Texas opens for its 132nd year on Friday and offers visitors a plethora of new experiences, especially with the new "Celebrating Texas Innovation" exposition — all held on the grounds in historic Fair Park.

The State Fair of Texas also features over 100 free attractions and 70 rides on The Midway. Tickets can be purchased (and coupons found) at

Here's a look at a few of the new experiences at the State Fair of Texas.


Home on the Range, the Fair’s new attraction located inside the Coliseum, features the re-designed Little Hands on the Farm farm-to-market activity, as well as the Children’s Barnyard petting zoo.

Home on the Range brings these two popular activities together in a themed, indoor location.


Bank of America sponsors the Innovations in Agriculture exhibit that showcases the Big Tex Urban Farms indoor growing facility and displays unique ways to grow high-yield, healthy produce indoors.

The exhibit also includes DIY growing systems that can be built in your home and how they are utilized in the Fair’s Big Tex Urban Farms initiative. The exhibit is open daily in the Errol McKoy Greenhouse on the Midway.


The Hall of State will house a new exhibit called "Celebrating Texas Innovation."

This exhibit offers a first-hand look into some of the best Texan inventions and innovations of all time. Many common items used worldwide got their start right here in the heart of Texas, and we couldn’t imagine life without them.

The exhibit offers enough inspiration for the whole family to learn more about the Lone Star State’s contributions to food, medicine, agriculture, art, industry, and science.

In addition to the Celebrating Texas Innovation Exhibit, the Hall of State will host an exhibit dedicated to "Dallas in the Time of MLK," which focuses on King’s 1963 speech in Fair Park and his 1966 speech at Southern Methodist University.

Additionally, the exhibit features many Dallas civil rights leaders who were active during this critical decade as Dallas transitioned away from being a segregated city.


Visitors to the fair will have the opportunity to experience the miracle of life right before their eyes in the all-new Livestock Birthing Barn.

The new addition is a unique educational experience, exhibiting the incubation and birthing process of various livestock animals. With agriculture and education as the Fair’s foundation, the new Livestock Birthing Barn highlights the agricultural importance of breeding livestock and its role in our everyday lives.

The Livestock Birthing Barn is located at Nimitz and MLK.


Learning to shoot a bow and arrow at the young age of four, Frank Addington, Jr. is an instinctive archer with nearly 40 years of performing under his belt. He will also be on hand to showcase his talents at this year’s Fair during the Amazing Archery show.

The exhibitions feature several one-of-a-kind shots. He can even hit aerial targets as small as baby aspirin — shot from mid air behind his back. Performances are daily from Oct. 8-21 in the Amphitheater located at First and Grand.


The world's first and original "stunt dog show," the All-Star Stunt Dog Show, has performed across the country, including appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Oprah Winfrey Show.

All the dogs have been rescued from shelters and trained to showcase their unique talents. From jump roping to barrel racing, and even juggling, the show is held daily in the Pan Am Arena.


Proudly Texan, CHulaHoopUSA is a premier hoop company created with success for the masses in mind. CHulaHoops are uniquely designed so everybody can do it.

Their team of bilingual, pro hoop dancers and instructors mesmerize crowds with world-class tricks and choreography on stage, then they hit the floor to help the audience join in the hooping. Over 20,000 people across the nation have experienced the joy of CHulaHooping. It is held at Marine Corps Square


The Team BIG AIR! Basketball Slam Dunk Show joins the list as one of the Fair’s new daily shows for 2018. Team BIG AIR! has taken basketball to new heights performing acrobatic slam dunks all over the world for more than a decade. Each high-energy show brings jaw-dropping hoop skills and high-flying acrobatics to the court. The talented troupe will be performing daily in Chevrolet Park Plaza.