To the Editor,

Amidst the recent rancor brought to our city council, the civility and goodness of the people of Waxahachie still remains the constant. Sure, we disagree with one another sometimes but do so with respect while recognizing our common benefit of community.

It is what unites us, keeps us bonded as neighbors and as the guardians of the decency of our city despite those bent on creating turmoil under the guise of civic involvement. Try as they must, with the importation of chaos designed to weaken our unity so as to be able insert their ideology without regard to local sovereignty, they continue to plague the business of the people of Waxahachie. But I for one, am not buying their charade.

The false mantra of helping the downtrodden of their own design, the oppressed by their exclusive definition, and the much overused delusion of governmental tyranny by any who disagree with them, is only used to step on the backs of the good citizens in a feeble attempt to rise obove their actual status and to cut another notch on their political belts before they load up their bags of carpet and move on, leaving the planned disarray of once civil discourse in their wake.

Anyone should be allowed to speak before our council. Yet to seek immunity from the consequences of that speech should not be recognized.

I am very proud of each and everyone of our council members. Each brings to the council great stewardship of the public trust and a very evident love of our communty. I applaud them for their efforts.

It was said that the 37,000 have imposed their will on the few that disagree. The city council represents all the citizens of Waxahachie, even the few who bask in permanent opposition to anything the council acts on.

The city council does not exclusively represent the few who wish to impose their will upon the 37,000.

It is time to stand for our decency, for our civility and for our Waxahachie. Attend our council meetings. Let's have our say. Let's see for ourselves what happens instead of reading interpreted posts or watching biased live streams on social media. It's our town. It is still a good and decent place. Let us help keep it that way.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie