Since opening up its doors almost two years ago, Urban Air Trampoline Park has become a destination for youthful fun and excitement. The park recently announced plans to expaned its attractions over the next few months.

Cody Herndon, the owner of Urban Air, stated the new attractions add to the thrill and overall guest experience.

“Urban Air is proud to announce that it will be expanding it’s Waxahachie location,” Herndon said. “Residents of Waxahachie and the surrounding communities like Ennis, Midlothian, Ike, Reagor Springs, Ovilla, Pecan Hill, and Maypearl can expect to defy gravity, and create lasting memories with our innovative approach to family-fun and state-of-the-art attractions.”

Herndon stated the revamp will take around 100-120 days and will open around Dec.1.

One of the new attractions includes the Warrior Course 2.0, which allows people to compete against their friends as they test their balance and strength in an obstacle course. It is similar to the physical agility course used in the popular television show, “American Ninja Warrior.”

“Our first move is we will take one of the dodgeball courts out and put the new warrior course there,” Herndon said. “This way everyone will still have the ability to play while we are working on that piece.”

Herndon explained — unlike the television show — if a person falls on the course they will fall into a ball pit and not water. Each ball will be lit with built-in LED lights.

Another addition to the park is the Urban Air Sky Rider Indoor Coaster. Guests strap into a harness where they ride along a track, receiving a bird's eye view of the other attractions in the park.

“The way that your harnessed is different than a zip line,” Herndon said. “A zip line is one straight shot we are going to take you around a portion of our park and you are going to be flying like your superman.”

Herndon stated the sky rider is not motorized but the way the track is engineered there is a slight gradual grade as the person moves down it.

The Urban Air website states the Sky Rider Indoor Coaster is a “no skill, all thrill ride, so everyone can enjoy.”

Other new attractions that will be featured at the park include a virtual reality simulator and a wipeout course.

“Wipeout is an octagon shaped trampoline that has a spinning circular thing in the middle. It has a high bar and low bar,” Herndon said. “So you have got to duck under a high bar and jump over the low bar while it is spinning around.”

Henderson stated the virtual reality simulator puts guests in the heart of the action with different scenarios that range from snowball fights to battling zombies. Guests will wear goggles and headphones that are equipped with a microphone. People can either play as a team or solo. Outside of the virtual reality arena, people can watch the action unfold on televisions near the attraction or at the entrance as they purchase tickets.

Herndon explained the technology in virtual reality has grown a lot over the last few years to provide people with an incredible experience they won’t forget.

The current attractions at the park include wall-to-wall trampoline areas, dodgeball courts, stunt airbag, slam-dunk tracks, runway tumble track, tubular indoor playground, the urban warrior course, and the warrior battle beam.

Herndon stated when the new attractions are completed, the time limits of how long people can stay will be removed. People will be able to stay as long or as little as they want. The pricing structure will also change and will be attraction based. It has not been set at this time.

Urban Air will have self-service kiosks where people can check in, decide what package they want, and will be able to pay for it.

Ida Oglesby was at the park with her son and grandson during the visit by the Daily Light. She is excited about what the new attractions will add and said they have been to the adventure park six times the summer already.

“It is great, and it sounds perfect. All of the kids love what is going on, but it is starting to get a little bit old,” Oglesby said. “They need a little bit of new things to ramp it up for the unused space here.”

Jim Harris was at the park for his child’s birthday. He shared Oglesby’s thought that the upgrades will only add to what the park has to offer for children and their families.

For more information about the park, attractions, and job openings, visit the Urban Air website at www.urbanairtrampolinepark.com. The staff at Urban Air can be reached at 469-299-4846. The park is located at 507 U.S. Highway 77 in Waxahachie.